University A-Stream Leads The Way

University claimed some big wins in the A-Stream with the finals campaigns not long around the corner although A-Grade was pushed all the way.

Also worth noting Dash for Cash/$1000 Draw was a huge success, so thanks all for coming down!



Uni 10.8 (68) def Kingsway 9.7 (61)

The Uni A Grade side recorded its 5th consecutive win on Saturday with a scratchy 7 point win over Kingsway at McGillivray.

Coming off an inspired performance the previous week, Uni appeared flat from the first bounce. The intensity around the contest was lacking allowing Kingsway to gain the upper hand around the clearances. Uni were lax on the outside too, giving Kingsway the opportunity to maintain possession and control the tempo of the game. Despite Uni’s inability to get their hands on the footy, the Uni forwards made the most of limited opportunity and the sides went to the quarter time break at 2 goals apiece but with Kingsway playing the better footy.

The Uni mids were more accountable in the 2nd quarter and as a result, Kingsway weren’t able to move the footy with the same ease. The visitors showed they are desperate to avoid relegation as they continued to outwork Uni in most aspects of the game. Both sides had difficulty converting their ball movement into scoring opportunities and by half time, the sides were separated by just a few points in the low scoring affair.

A reinvigorated Uni side took the field in the 3rd quarter and for the first time began to gain the ascendancy through the midfield. Ruckman Hamish Murray combined well with midfielders Max Bentley and Ryan Williamson to clear the ball cleanly from stoppages, giving the Uni forwards a rare opportunity to operate in an open forward 50. Captain Darren Mumford led from the front in the forward half, winning numerous 1 on 1 contests and kicking consecutive majors to spark the home side. Uni enjoyed a 15 minute period of dominance and opened up a handy 3 goal lead before Kingsway were able to settle. A late goal to the visitors against the flow kept them in reach however and by the last change, Uni held a 15 point lead.

The opening stages of the last quarter was an arm wrestle and it was clear Kingsway weren’t going to go down without a fight. The visitors threw caution to the wind and ran hard forward in waves whenever the opportunity presented. Experienced defender Tim O’Hara played a crucial role in stemming the flow, taking several intercept marks and distributing the footy with his typical composure. Kingsway did manage to penetrate Uni’s defences on a couple of occasions however and when the margin was reduced to 7 points late in the piece, Kingsway could sense an upset. It took a couple of desperate acts from Uni players to see out the dying stages and Uni were ultimately saved by the bell, walking away with an unconvincing 7 point win.

Whilst Uni was far from its best, the players’ ability to win ugly in a tight game won’t dent their confidence which has been building in recent weeks. Next week, Uni will experience a finals-like atmosphere as it faces 2nd placed Fremantle CBC away from home in a game that is critical to Uni’s top 3 hopes.

Goals: D Mumford 3, C Wilson 2, B Taylor 2, J Stewart, D Lake, S Bentley.

Best: D Mumford, M Bentley, T O’Hara, H Murray, R Williamson, J Harris, M Goyder, C Wilson.


Uni 23.13 (151) defeated Kingsway 8.4 (52)

After the conditions of last Saturday, which were the worst this scribe has seen in his 45 years of watching football, equalled only by the shocking conditions he witnessed as a young , skinny (hard to believe but true) 13 year old at the 1978 WAFL Grand Final between East Perth and Perth on the day Barry Cable broke the heart of thousands of Demon supporters, the cool, windless conditions at the G seemed were a perfect settings for the clash against Kingsway which would go a long way towards  anchoring the Ressies spot in the Top 5.

There were a couple of changes to the team as a number of the UFC boys still enjoy the warm weather of Croatia , Greece and Turkey whilst some are touring the US and a few remain partying in the Alps of Canada no doubt enjoying the newly relaxed rules on pot smoking in the land of the giant Maple leaf. My experience is that the Canadians are amongst the world’s most boring people (3rd behind the Bulgarians and Kiwis) so to enjoy any kind of  decent conversation with one of them you probably need to be stoned to the byjesus (especially with those extra boring French Canadians who would, on their own, give the Bulgarian’s a good run for their money) so I personally think the new rules are a godsend and thank god the snow is good because it’s got me buggered why anyone would spend time in British Columbia when you could playing footy at Uni in Perth in July, August and September!

Anyway, back to the game,  we started kicking with a slight breeze to the Freo end of the G. Immediately the little human smashing ball Sean Trombetta started to kick goals and had three on the board before you could blink. “Champagne” Mitchell was on fire and we welcomed back big “Shaggy” Macleay who was on the board in quick time playing at full forward and before we knew it, it was quarter time and we were 9.2 to 1 goals and the contest was done and dusted. T Ferg, probably getting a little board down back and no doubt thinking about the relaxed pot smoking rules of Canada and wondering how he could get there for a couple of years work experience, wandered down forward and kicked a ripping goal and Massimo Kirk, the Italian Stallion, was on fire. Trombie added another three  to have six at half time with Uni up 13 goals at the long break.

The third quarter lowlight was the lunatic Kingsway wingman (whom we encountered unfortunately in the first game of the year) giving Champagne a well-timed “Glasgow Kiss” smack on his very finely featured nose which unfortunately didn’t break but caused a fair bit of claret leakage and saw him spend most of the third quarter on the bench trying to stem the flow. The lunatic and a couple of his mates, affronted at Trombie having kicked 8 on them by the 5 minutes mark of the third (and should have been nine given he had one disallowed after he ran 40 steps over 5 metres , which only Trombie could do given his legs are only 6 inches in length, and was penalized), set on him like a pack of wild dogs. In the end even the the Kingsway boys had had enough and they voluntarily gave the lunatic a red card and send him home early. Needless to say once Trombie got his tenth we dragged him for safety reasons but the job had been done and we won in second gear by 99 points. Great game by the Polish pickle slicer, Bomber, Robbie Del and Browney as well as Hopo in the ruck, Trombie of course, the Stallion, Coxy and the big Chooka. The backline was magnificent lead by Champ Hutton , T Ferg and Bradley M and Racey and Ricey were as busy as a one armed all day and had fine games. A good effort all round and we look forward to our big clash with the city bum cleaners next week.

Goals: Trombetta 10, Macleay 3, Kirk 3, Mitchell 1, T Ferg 1, Harding 1, McAuliffe 1, Hopo 1, Ryan 1, Gajewski 1

Best: Trombetta, Gajewski, Hopkinson, Kirk, Harding, Delroy, Brown, Cox


University 15.17 (107) def Kingsway 3.11 (29)

No match report submitted


University 7.11 (53) def by North Freo 12.8 (80)

The Pirates got beaten for the 2nd time this season. Disappointing display by the boys ahead of finals but Isaac Weber and Matt Bailey both stood up, showing Splendour in the Grass is possibly the best preparation for D1 footy. We’re still 6 points clear and if we won on the weekend against Wembley we’ll seal the minor premiership.

Best: Webzy Isaatz 5, Bails 4, Chaps 3, Dykesy 2, Darts 1

Goals: Webzy Isaatz 3, Jimmy Biggs 1, Nelms 1, Jacko 1, Rawlo 1

BDO DINGOES (D1 Reserves)

University 14.4 (88) def North Freo 8.9 (57)

If you’ve got access, head to the Dingoes FB page for a genuine novel, but ripping match report.


University 8.12 (60) def North Freo 2.5 (17)

No match report submitted


Stormers 12.11 (83) def Bayswater 0.0 (0)

The Stormers notched up their first clean sheet of the year on Sunday against Bayswater at home. If results went our way second spot was still available if we brought home a big win – the results did go our way and we jumped 35% so double tick for the weekend. The current second and third sides play on this coming Saturday, so when we lace up on Sunday we will know exactly what we need to do to go higher up on the ladder, as this coming week is the last of the minor round.

Most of our team was back on the weekend, ending the mass abandonment that was experienced over the past 4 weeks, however the team gelled as though no one had been away, with another 5 players still to re-join, we’re hoping for an even stronger team this coming week.

Our girls played four solid quarters of footy, kicking 3 goals each quarter and playing a generally non-compromising brand of footy. The game was won through our ability to win the ball in the midfield, however our defence probably set the tone in the first half. The game was over at half time, but when the game was on the line in the first half it was our defence that stood up to challenge and repel every one of Bayswater’s attacking runs and it was noticeable that the motivation of our opposition waned as our defence snuffed out every opportunity Bayswater developed.

We left quite a few goals out there due to some of our forwards finding some rust on their European travels and we reacted by moving some of our match fit midfielders into the forward line to improve our finishing ability. The result saw a few new faces in the midfield, Morgan being one that particularly stood out, including that bouncing run down the east wing.

The extra space of the McG allowed us to show off our improving skills as we began to hit up more forward options, but something still to work on for our forwards is to create and lead into space that our midfielders can kick to, once we improve how to create space from our leading as a group we will be able to capitalise on the considerable ‘amount’ of ball our midfield win.

Goals: Washerz 3, Loz 3, Plugga 2, DOM 2, Pip 1, Geez 1

Bests (Revised): 6th – Snickers, 5th – Plugga, 4th – Morgan, 3rd – Tex, 2nd – Pip, BOG – Lauren


University 0.1 (1) def by Warnbro Swans 7.6 (48)

No match report submitted

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