Uni Training & Club Activities Suspended Until May 31

The University Football Club (UFC) informs all players, officials and members that all training and club-based activities will cease effective immediately until 31 May 2020, at the earliest, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Perth Football League directive stated this was made “effective since our communication to all clubs on Tuesday 17 March, clubs should have ceased training.”

The statement continues: “At this stage, we are unable to confirm when training will re-commence, given the changing nature of the situation.

“A group of football players training at any location is not the response governments are seeking to address the spread of COVID-19.

“A high portion of our players are in the highest community group contracting the virus. The actions of certain players cannot be beyond what the community expects nor can it reflect on the reputation of the League and other clubs.

“Where we find club officials and/or players in training that contravenes government orders, the League will take action which may include sanctions, fines, player de-registration.”

The UFC asks you to remain dedicated and engaged with the club, as there are plans for the season to recommence.

UFC president Dwayne Lake and vice-president Jake Colvin, in conjunction with relevant stakeholders, will work towards formulating a plan going forward and continue to update.

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