Uni Reserves Bow Out In Mumfy’s 200th Game

The Mighty A Ressie’s  unfortunately bowed out of the race for the 2020 A Reserves Premiership going down by three points to our arch rivals North Beach in trying conditions at Curtin Uni.

A RESERVES – Preliminary Final

North Beach 2.6 (18) def 4 Pines Beer Uni Bulls 1.9 (15)

The game was a shocker as the 2.6 to 1.9 goal line would have suggested. The half time score of 0.1 to 0.9 was even worse but it probably reflected how well both teams defended and how bad the weather was.

Anyway the less said the better as it was a game that in any normal type of weather we probably would have won but my old uncle used to say “ If your aunty had whiskers she would be your uncle!”

He actually didn’t use whiskers; he used more colourful language which this scribe would never use in a family publication like this and the funny thing is he would never have used whiskers anyway because the particular aunty he was referring to actually DID have whiskers!

So another good season by the Ressie’s. It is the hardest team to coach at Uni and I should know as I’ve just about coached or played in all the Uni teams over the years.

There were some great efforts that should be mentioned.

Coach Simon McDonald aka “Weapons” did a fantastic job for the whole year. Simon is now 8 years into his coaching career and in that time he  been involved in 4 premierships, 2 runners up and two thirds with a win loss record of circa 85%. Had it not been for a terrible run of injuries last year in A’s and Ressie’s on the day I have no doubt his record would have been 5 premierships. “His” players are playing A Grade, A Ressie’s, Pirates, & Dingoes. Over the half the current players in the seniors at the club have been coached by Weapons and he is respected and liked by  all bar a few.

I hope he continues well beyond next year because he has so much to offer and the club would be far worst without his skills and passion.

Congrats to Tom Bowering and Massimo Kirk on winning joint A Ressie’s League B & F’s .

Congrats to the Grand Old Bull Brad Mumford for a fantastic effort to play his 200th game. All in A Stream and a lot in A Grade including (4 premierships) where he was part of Freakies tough, impenetrable defence. Champion bloke; Champion footballer.

Congrats to the Pirates. Jake “Premierships” Day has now coached six premierships in seven years and for the boys to win a record four in a row, be undefeated and win the Uni Football Clubs’ world record 100th premiership surely qualifies this feat as “The Grand Slam”.

Well done to Lakey and the committee in what’s been a trying year. Not sure if Lakey is going on next year but if not well done and thanks for yours and your delightful wife’s  wonderful efforts.

Now we have won the 100th flag, onwards and upwards to the 200th . We should try and get to 200 before any other club in the Perth Football League (WAAFL) gets to 100. Wembley are second and have won about 55. Hopefully the second hundred flags  doesn’t take 91 years to achieve like the first hundred did. Although the UFC was formed in 1913, it only started competing in 1929. Before that it was a drinking club that thought about playing football, from 1929, we became a drinking club that actually played football!

Other than Rangers (Scotland-115 titles), Lindfield (Northern Ireland -111 titles) and Celtic (Scotland- 110 titles) we have one the most titles than any football club in the world and these three clubs have been counting their titles since 1890 (UFC since 1929) so we have given them 40 years head start and they compete in 3- 5 competitions every year. We are undisputed Australian Football Club world champions. South Bunbury in the SWFL have won  78 flags across all grades (first flag in 1898) , Aquinas has won the Alcock Cup for football 55 times  (PSA competition started in 1905), Port Adelaide , celebrating their 150 years this year have won 36 SANFL flag plus 1 AFL flag (first flag in 1884) but nobody else comes close to the Mighty UFC!

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