A-Grade Fall to Curtin Uni While Women’s Teams Finally Kick Off the Season.

After an unexpected weekend off, the Uni teams travelled far and wide in Round 4 for the Men and Round 2 for the Women.

The A-stream travelled down to our sister-Uni in Bentley to take on Curtin Wesley. With a number of key injuries and travel plans making team-selection difficult, the club put in a valiant effort. The A-grade and A-reserves sides were beaten by a couple of well drilled teams while the A-Colts were dominant all day. Earlier in the day, the Stormers went down in their first game of the year against the reigning premiers in the A-Women’s competition.

The Pirates, Dingoes and Peacocks took the freeway up to the Wanneroo Showgrounds and swept the might Roos with 3 fantastic wins. The Gulls achieved the greatest feat in football, teaching the beach in the shadow of the Taj Mahal. The Mutts continued their winning ways, this time against the mighty Rhinos of the Forrestfield plains.

This Friday, the A-grade side will be taking on CBC under Friday night lights at Fremantle Oval. Come down to cheer on the boys in a must-win clash.

Curtin Wesley 13.2 80 def University 5.5 35

After the annoyance of Slippers McGowan calling last week off against Wembley and training protocols giving everyone the “eartha’s”, we ventured, undermanned to south oval for the Uni Derby. UFC had won 12 A grade premierships and 50 odd WAAFL premierships before WAIT was started and long before our great WA based (born in Victoria, had a few games for Fitzroy) war hero John Curtin was given the honour of having WAIT called Curtin.

Anyway it wasn’t a great day for the UFC; pretty much out played by our compromised younger brothers. We have lots of work to do but we remain convinced our best can match it.

Goals Davis 3 Culloton 1 Jarrad Stewart 1 Best Harding Lake Harris O’Meara Davis

Curtin Wesley 11.11 77 def University 6.1 37

It was a tough day at the office for the Ressies, coming up against a strong Curtin outfit. Uni burst out of the blocks early, with Cuningham and Thompson dominating the clearances. Jordy May hit the scoreboard early, while Junk-Gibson jailed yet another set shot from beyond the arch, helping Uni take a two goal lead into quarter time.Curtin wrestled back the ascendancy in the second and dictated play for much of the rest of the game. The boys continued to crack in and didn’t take a backward step, but were ultimately beaten by a stronger opponent. 
The loss was particularly painful for centre half back Alex Dykes, with his business partner playing for the opposition. Dykes is now a minority shareholder in the business, having wagered his stake prior to the game. We wish Alex all the best with his business ventures.

Best: Cunningham, Dykes, Thompson, West, Mussared, Turner

Alex Dykes (Uni) and Layton Taylor (Curtin) before the Party on the Green University Derby

Curtin Wesley 6.3 39 def by University 13.8 86

Wanneroo 4.4 28 def by University 9.5 59

The Pirates have got themselves back on track with a fighting 31 point victory at Wanneroo. The team took a different look once again with some handy inclusions coming in many different forms. We had debutants for the club in the form of Stone Cold Elliot and Courtney Waddell. 4 blokes jumping up the grades in Crossy, Mitch Fraser, Westo and Big Gus and returning A Colt superstar, JK.

Before the game, an administrative error in the form of a mechanical breakdown left one of the coaches parked in middle of Freeway Northbound. He was subsequently a late withdrawal – flattening considering how he trained on the Thursday. In any case though we had to get on with the job.

The first quarter we played some good patches of football for little to no reward. 2 goals to 1 in what was best described as an armwrestle. Big Gus down back was marking anything that came his way, whilst JK and Mitchy Fraser both had their eyes on goal every chance they got.

The second quarter was dead even between the sides, with Wanneroo playing some excellent passages of football, using the short option coming out the back line particularly well.

The boys were challenged to lift in the third quarter and play with some real energy. The midfield helped cause this shift in momentum, with skipper Bailey playing an integral role and the Donovan connection doing what they do best. The Pirates started 3 goals to zip, giving us a 4 goal lead going into the last. From there the boys held on for a 5 goal win.

Overall, it wasn’t our best performance, but we did enough to get the W. The third quarter and patches of the other quarters showed what we can do. This week we return home to take on Mount Lawley who gave CBC a good run for their money last weekend.

The challenge will be for this group to find some consistency across the 4 quarters and bring their best before the grand final rematch against North Freo the week after.

Goals – Frase; JK, Nelma & Smally (2); Con (1)
Votes  – Gus (5); Bails (4); JK & Pat Don (3); H Don & Nelma (2) & Stone Cold (1)


Wanneroo 3.4 22 def by University 14.7 91

In Round 4, the Dingoes headed to Wanneroo Showgrounds to take on the Roos. Much like their North Melbourne namesakes the ‘Wanneroos’ had started 2021 with a series of heavy losses, but unlike the Shinboners, had incredibly positive crowd numbers, packing the regional venue with 4WDs and some of the worst spoilers you’ve ever seen.

The Dingoes needed to restore some pride after the last start loss to North Beach and headed in with an experimental but strong side. The backline was a real ‘Dad’s Army’, with three confirmed fathers (and JB’s results still pending), while the return of cult hero, Steady, esteemed veteran, Daz, and three first-gamers Jake, Cummo and Fos bought some much needed energy to the side.

The Dingoes dominated the game from the outset, with Demon feeding Spoons and Jake all day in the middle. On the wide expanses of the ‘Showgrounds’, wingers Twiggy and Blakey had it on a string, regularly feeding it down the throats of key forwards Rhys, Cummo, Tarzan, and Chris ‘Dukesy’ Bragg. The Dingoes never really look troubled throughout the game, with the seven 50m penalties awarded by the Wanneroo ump the only thing keeping the game competitive.

Undoubtedly the moment of the match was American import, “The Ocho” kicking an unbelievable goal, picking up a half-volley, palming off two opponents mid U-Turn and kicking truly from 30m.

Overall, a clinical performance from the Dings, and one they can build on next week when they face Mt Lawley after a Friday night on the beers at Fremantle Oval (and at least four other nearby licensed venues).

Votes: 5 Blakey, 4 Demon Spoons, 3 Jake Twigg, 2 Bragg Jimmy Steady, 1 Jerk Cummo Fos

North Beach 6.10.46 def by Uni 9.7.61

“Touuuugghhhhhy… Touuuugghhhhhy… Touuuugghhhhhy” (to the tune of Eaaaaaaagles…Eaaaaaaagles… Eaaaaaaagles) will echo from the southern pocket of Charles Riley Reserve for years to come. The walking and talking highlight reel, Ollie Tough, took flight on Saturday morning and the CGulls joined him in the air.

The clash with our modern day rivals was a brilliant opportunity. Our hot start to the season could be solidified with a win against the also undefeated North Beach.

Unfortunately, we were jumped in by a mature and hardworking North Beach outfit. They burst out of the blocks with the first 3 of the game. The Gulls however began to work into the game. The midfield didn’t get flustered under the scoreboard pressure, beginning to win more ball in close and spreading it to our wingmen. The forward line continued to present and a late goal from Heavy steadied the ship.

At the quarter time break the belief was evident. What we needed to lift were in fact our strengths – tackling and spread. And lift the Gulls did. The O’Dea brothers set the standard with their repeat tackle efforts and link up handball. JN and Chun began rolling around in the mud like the little piggies they are. The backline worked as a unit to cut off any Beach attack with ferocity. Kaney stood up, kicking a captain’s goal and living out his instruction to the boys – watch the hips and hit hard. The 4 goal to zip quarter was without a doubt our best for the year.

It was a great contest that big crowds from both sides were enjoying. A moment stood out and captivated all. A high ball was kicked Uni’s way on Taj Mahal wing. A pack of four players drew to the drop zone as the ball sailed closer. The crowd collectively drew breath as Ollie Tough emerged. He launched onto the shoulders of a North Beach player and boosted high above the pack. The crowd got to their feet and watched Tough extend even higher. Clean as a whistle he plucked the ball and landed on his feet. It was a mark that belonged on an AFL field and was enjoyed by all… except Toughs biggest fan, Bennington – who was checking Instagram.

The second half was an arm wrestle. Uni kicked the first 2 of the third term, but then put the cue in the rack a little. Luckily, some inaccurate goal kicking from North Beach meant we maintained a two goal lead going into the last.

In the last Tough decided he wasn’t done with the highlights. He kicked a scintillating goal, sprinting in and snapping after selling candy 3 times. The “Touggggghy” chant began after he marked well and flushed a 40m set shot – icing the game for the Gulls. It was a hard fought quarter by the entire side, with GT and Prowse stepping up again with poise and excellent marking.

It was a character building win that was a genuine all round team performance. We hit the track with a lot to work on still – North Beach commanded the contest at stages.

Best – Kaney, Chun, Huddo, Tough, GT, JN, Prowler

Goals – Tough 2, Heavy 2, Kaney 2, Harro 2, Barbs 1

University 14.9.93 def Forrestfield 6.4.40

The Mutts rolled down to McGillivray on Saturday afternoon to face the Forrestfield Rhinos. It was an exciting line up – with a number of club debutants and also two C-colts lining up with the big boys.

The Rhinos lived up to their nickname, proving tough in the contest and strong in the air. On the other hand, Mutts were doing their nickname a disservice with a plucky first quarter. It was two goals apiece at the first break.

After a blasting from injured skipper Brett Kalajzic there was a strong response in the second. The Mutts began to hunt in packs – running forward in numbers and with speed. Rob Gray’s hard running got this going. The midfield also lifted in the contest, led by Kable who threw his weight around and began racking up clearances. We kicked 5 in the quarter to take ascendency in the contest. However, whenever we looked like kicking away the intensity dropped slightly, and we let the Rhino’s back into the game.

The second half was a solid performance, following a similar trend to the first. Uni often looked like kicking away but lacked the killer instinct to put the contest beyond doubt. Despite this, it was a good win that saw all debutants perform well. Brooksy showed genuine pace in his first game in 6 years, and we’re excited what’s to come there. Randy was excellent in the backline in a tough and skilled performance. Robbo and Smokin’ Joe Malone, Gulls filling in, were brilliant and showed four quarter efforts.

We bank the 4 points and turn our attention to Maddington out at Harmony Fields.

Goals – Quince 6, Joe 2, Bez 2, Pablo, Brooksy, Dono, Kable
Best – Kable, Quince, Rob, Randy, Chook, Gaulty, Daw

A Grade Women
Curtin Wesley 5.2 32 def University 1.3 9

C4 Grade Women
Wanneroo 1.2 8 def by University 1.4 10

The peacocks were treated to a sleep in on Saturday morning before beginning the drive to Wanneroo Showgrounds. With an 11 o’clock start everyone arrived awake and excited for a roaring first round. The tunes in the change rooms were pumping and everyone was feeling ready and excited.

With eight girls on debut (including Lily, Tor, Chaz, Bec M, Mon, Phoebe, Julia and Kate), and Jimmy continuously reminding us that the Peacocks aren’t notoriously good starters, the girls had a point to prove. Jim was proven dead wrong when Amy put us on the scoreboard kicking the first goal (and points) of the game in the first quarter. This goal put a spring in our step and made us even hungrier for more, finishing the first quarter 7-0.

Second quarter was again off to a roaring start with a killer midfield taking down anything in their path. Never have I seen a better play than that which lead us into half time. With the ball starting in Wanneroo’s backline, Liv handballing the ball out of a pack to the indestructible Betty who hoofed it to a wide open forward line. Unfortunately, the hooter stopped us in our tracks less than a second before we marked the ball directly in front of our goals. Despite this we went into half time feeling revved up and ready to get back.

Coming into the second half our defence was put to the test and boy did they impress. No kick or tackle could get past the wall that is Chloe D and Soph Mac. The performance by the peacocks midfield was again hard to beat. Phoebe, Bridg, Britt, Jill, Julia, Chaz and Michelle were taking down anyone that crossed their paths without a second thought. Another glorious play right at the end of the third quarter saw the ball fly effortlessly from coast to coast. Almost identically to the end of the first half, the siren sounded three milliseconds prior to Lily marking the ball right in front of goals. Fair to say there were a few raised eyebrows in the Peacocks cheer squad. After an exciting first game, the final siren blasted with a score of 10-8 to the delight of the Uni fans that made the trip.

Singing the club song in the change rooms was an exciting moment and the perfect way to kick off what we hope to be a fantastic season ahead.

Best: Britt Chaz (on debut) Betty Michelle Jill
Goals: Amy (1)

Go Peacocks


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