Round 10 Match Reports: Fourth Straight Win For A-Grade

University recorded its fourth consecutive win in A-Grade as plenty of the male teams enjoyed a bus trip up north.

Next up it’s a double double-header at McGillivray on Saturday from 9:30am. Men’s A-Grade plays North Beach at 2:45pm.



Uni 10.13.73 def Wanneroo 1.7.13

The Uni A Grade side recorded its 4th straight win on the weekend, downing Wanneroo by 60 points in the wet on Saturday.

The Uni players piled into their bus and travelled up the Freeway with their long stops on hand, as the forecast promised a wintery afternoon. The rain had set in before the first bounce but Uni made the most of the relatively fresh footy and managed to jump their Wanneroo counterparts in the early stages. Midfield dominance and fast, direct footy gave the Uni forwards a chance to Shine and despite the rain, the goals were flowing. 6 individual goal scorers for the quarter gave the visitors a healthy 38 point advantage by the first break which, in the conditions, would prove to be a commanding position.

Uni’s effort around the contest remained superior in the second term, with ruckman Hamish Murray’s ascendancy giving midfielders Matt Mantaras and Basti Ashford first look around the stoppages. Uni weren’t quite as efficient as the first quarter however, kicking 3 goals and a handful of behinds in the slippery affair. Kingsway’s first and only goal for the game came just before the main break, leaving the sides 50 points apart at half time.

Early in the third stanza, the consistent drizzle turned into a full blown deluge and chains of possession became extremely difficult. The horrendous conditions, coupled with a marked improvement in Wanneroo’s pressure skills snd physicality, meant Uni had a lot more trouble finding avenues to goal. The quarter was played predominantly between and arcs and neither side managed to find the big sticks for the period. A few behinds apiece left the margin unchanged with a quarter remaining.

The final quarter mirrored the third with both sides struggling to penetrate their forward 50s with the heavy, slippery footy. Wanneroo started to get on top around the contest on the back of great tackling and better ball handling but Uni’s back six, led by Chatlie Stapleton and Nathan Stewart, thwarted and repelled all of Wanneroo’s forward thrusts. With 5 minutes to go in the game, both sides again remained goalless until Troy Culloton converted a set shot which turned out to be the game’s only goal after half time. When the final siren sounded, Uni had taken the honours by an even 60 points.

The win leaves Uni in 4th place on the WAAFL ladder, 1 game behind CBC and North Beach. Next week, Uni faces North Beach in what promises to be an intriguing contest after the thrilling encounter back in round 2.

Goals: Mumford 2, Culloton 2, Gajewski 2, Trombetta, J Stewart, Donaldson, Mantaras.

Best: Murray, J Stewart, Mantaras, N Stewart, Stapleton, Ashford, S Bentley.


Uni 15.18.108 defeated Wanneroo 2.4.16

Hola, Buenos dias.

The Bulls, sin a number of their usual starting vienti dos , ventured up to the quaint old Showgrounds at Wanneroo on what was expected to be a shocker of a day weather wise for the clash against bottom side Wanneroo.

The game was a late start due to Wanneroo hosting their ladies day. Apparently all of the Wanneroo girls wanted to get a real good look at Bulls pin up boy Tommy Ferguson sporting his new haircut. As a result they demanded a late start and therefore the Bulls kicked off at the unusual 2.05 pm timeslot. Problem is T Ferg’s new haircut makes him look about 12 years old and even the horniest WW (Wanneroo Wags) probably thought they would be accused of being a female version of a paedophile if they were caught perving on young T Ferg running around like a man with three eight day clocks. If they were a bit put off by the youthful boat race they were even more pissed off at not getting a good look at his tackle as he was wearing his good mate Hanners shorts which were about four sizes too big for him and giving nothing away. Luckily for the WW’s, unlikely pin up boy Weapons (el matador) decided to play his first game for the season and his swarthy, Italian good looks, along with Duane Lake, freshly tanned up, had the WW licking their sizable lips. As is always the case with the Bulls, there was something for everyone because for the older WW (50 plus), the Pres Si Caldow pulled on the boots, and with a bit of condition, was a real hit with the older girls.

Anyway it was a wet old day and the game was always going to be a bit of a slog especially which it was especially as the game wore on and in the absence of lights (they needed to keep them off so as to have more power and better effects for the male strippers up at ladies day) the day got gloomier. However the Bulls were good and we did the job and eventually ran out 92 point winners. As is the case this time of the year the Bulls welcomed back a few of their favourite sons to help with the lack of numbers due to the mass exodus to the warmer climes of the Mediterranean. In addition to el president, SI Caldow, we welcomed back Bulls favourites “Frenchy” Devereaux, “Nifty” Nick Evans, Josh Fleming, Nuevo Presidente Duane Lake, Northern Suburbs specialist Jordy May and the great Nick “Ricey” Ryan to the fold. What a great pleasure it was to help coach these fine men once again. But the biggest thrill was the return of El Matador, the Bulls coach Simon McDonald. Weaps has decided to play for the next few weeks to help us out and it was great to see this footballing genius gracing the field again. A tactical genius and always thinking, Weaps decide to take advantage of the unlimited interchange rules in the WAAFL and interchanged himself 120 times for the day totally confusing the opposition as well as that washed up old has been Jimmy Malone, who was trying to run the bench and has only just come to grips with the interchange system change of 1986, and quite frankly, once the rain started and we got six goals up, seemed far more interested in what was going on up at ladies day than what was going on on-field.

Anyway a good effort all round. The Beach next week for top of the table clash at the G. Wouldn’t be dead for quids.

Goals: Corey “Stiffy” Hitchcock 4, Jordy May 4, Jordan Kelly 3, Harry Donovan 1, Jack Durward 1, Sammy Monkhouse 1, Nick Ryan 1

Best: Monkhouse, T Ferg, Lakey, Champ, Flemo, Mayo, Riley Evans


Wanneroo 3.4.22 def by Uni 8.10.58

No match report supplied


Whitford 3.5.23 def by Uni 4.7.31

The Pirates marched on with their undefeated start to the season in trying conditions against Whitford’s on Saturday. With people beginning to gravitate towards the Northern Hemisphere and injuries starting to mount up the game posed as a danger game. Coach Day emphasised this pre-game highlighting the physicality Whitford’s generally show.

Fair to say this preconception was accurate with Whitford’s playing a highly physical brand of football which our blokes struggled to match with in the wet. The hard work of Joey and Con up forward saw little reward in the first half, with the midfield being equally matched by their Whitford’s counterparts. Super Sammy Weber and the Franchise were tireless in their efforts, with first time back man Ado Pearce playing a really stellar game.

At half time Coach Day asked the boys to lift and change the style of play. For much of the first half the Pirates played dry weather football. An emphasis on kicking long and matching Whitford’s physicality was the main message at the main break. Both these messages were received and the boys responded in a strong third quarter. Whilst the reward was not seen on the scoreboard it was clear the effort was. Lifts from Boekey and a returning Cam Aspley for the first time this year were instrumental to this. The Pirates carried the momentum into the last and despite being down fought their way back again. Eventually, a goal earlyish in the fourth proved the difference with a couple handy points giving the Pirates an 8 point win.

This is the 3rd time this season the Pirates have been down at halftime displaying the resiliency of this group. The challenge going forward is to eradicate these slow starts and bring the intensity of the second half into every game.

Despite the conditions, following the game was an all-time bussy with visits to the Carine Tavern and White Sands. Fair to say a decent dent was made in both those venues. Next week the Pirates host Mount Lawley before the 80’s party which should be another elite club event.


Goals – Con (2), Joe (2)

Best – Super (5); Boekey (4); Chaps (3); Ado, Tommy C & Joe (2); Timmy O, Racey, JJ (1)

BDO DINGOES (D1 Reserves)

Whitfords 1.4.10 def by Uni 16.11.107

No match report supplied


CBC 8.6.54 def Uni 4.6.30

No match report supplied



Kingsley 0.0.0 def by Uni 15.16.106

Boots first goal for the club, and there were a couple fines for memory.

Goals: Buzz 5, Plug 2, Washerz 2, Bash, Rambo, Pilot, Chicago, Nikko, Boots 1

Bests; 6th – Lydia, 5th – Woody, 4th – Garry, 3rd – Pilot, 2nd – Buzz, BOG – Braveheart


Nollamara 16.10.106 def Uni 2.3.15

No match report supplied

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