Women’s A-Grade Wins Historic Flag, Reserves Bow Out

University won the Women’s A-Grade flag in a historic moment for the club, while the Reserves bowed out of the finals, the A-Colts lost while the Pirates and Dingoes secured Grand Final spots on a bumper Saturday.

Massive congratulations to our Uni Stormers who claimed a first silverware of the season and while it wasn’t a goalfest, it was a wonderful evening for the club.

Good luck to the Pirates, Dingoes and C-Colts who’ll be playing this Saturday at Richard Guelfi Reserve, Stirling, in a Grand Final triple-header from 10am.


CBC Fremantle 11.4 (70) defeated Los Toros 5.7 (37)

“The bull is a beautiful beast; even in death!”

The Bulls, the name of the Uni A Ressies, are renown throughout the world. In Spain, where the bull is especially revered, we are known as “Los Toros” and probably only Barca and Los Blancos are more famous than us. In Pamplona, our spiritual home, and location of this year’s medal count, no one is more famous than us. Our brilliant young coach, Simon McDonald, who is known in these parts as “El Matador” because of his slight build, superb balance, and his deadly speed and accuracy, but who also has the heart of a large Bull (translated into Spanish ;  “el Corazon de un gran Toro”), is  of Italian extraction where we are known as “il Tori”. Not overly famous for their acts of bravery (The world’s  shortest book is, after all,  the Book of Italian War Hero’s), il Tori are revered and loved in Italy for their unique bravery, their dash and their “Sprezzatura” .  In France, a country more famous for its white flags than its acts of courage, and ancestral the home to Bull Oscar “Frenchy” Deveraux, but still a country capable of recognising style, panache and fearlessness, France, we are known and respected as “Les taureaux”.

In Greece, home to civilisation, the souvlaki, sex (mostly sans women), half of the University Football Club from June through to mid-August and Markus Tsaknis, we are known as the “Touras Kretaios” (The Cretan Bulls). In Greece mythology the Touras Kretaios was a handsome bull from the Poseidon Sea who slayed all the female cows in the local area before being betrayed by the Queen and killed by Theseus.

In the USA, now home to Bull Pat Donovan , brother of great Bull Harry Donovan, and current tourist destination of  courageous little Bull , Jordan May, there is a previously unknown basketball side based in Chicago who borrowed their name from us and, off our backs, have become quite famous.

In Poland,  mother country of renown Bull, Thomas Gajewski, better known as “Slicer” or “Pickle” after the famous Polish Pickle Slicer, we are known as “the Byki”. In a long suffering country otherwise renown for pickles, John Paul II, potatoes and  having the Shite beaten out of them roughly every fifty years by either Germany or Russia, the Byki are much loved and admired.

So, with this background in mind,  the famous Bulls ventured out to Bill Grayden, formally known as the Shoe Box but on Saturday renamed the China Shop, to take on CBC in the cut-throat First Semi. The first quarter was tight; 2.1 to 2.1 at the first break. Rat pack Bull, Bomber Harding was looking extremely dangerous up forward and Champ Hutton was playing with dash down back. Our mids were holding their own against their slick midfield and the defense, led by old Bull Brad Mumford, was holding its own.

A very good side, CBC got slowly on top of us in the second and third quarters, and we were down by 22 points at the last change. Despite a brave and courageous last quarter, CBC proved to be our Theseus, and we went down 11.4 to 5.7 by 33 points.

A fighting effort from a great bunch of blokes who are also very good footballers. Well done on your efforts this year. I think we went a fair way to enhancing the great tradition of the Bulls this year and lets maintain the rage in the years ahead. Special thanks to all the Bulls, and a big special thanks to King Bull, Simon McDonald for his great job as coach. He is a true champion and we love his work , his commitment to the club and his players, his raw emotion and his commitment to the Bull culture.

Congrats to the girls on winning the maiden A Grade premiership. The traditions continues. From everyone at “Los Toros”, good luck to the Pirates, Dingoes and C Gulls this weekend and to the A Colts, who I know will bounce back and win their 31st premiership on Saturday week. Let’s aim for 3 this weekend and another on Saturday week for 5 out of 7 which would give us 97 premierships in total and 5 for the season which I think would be our best year ever and that’s saying something for the most successful Aussie rules football side in the world.

Goals: Harding 2, Mcleahy 1, Donovan 1, Shackles 1

Best: Hutton, Hall, Tsaknis, Cox, Mumford, Shackles


Uni 2.11 (23) defeated by North Beach 6.2 (38)

Frustrating for our minor premiers in the A-Colts, who started poorly, before taking control but being unable to convert their dominance on the scoreboard. The A-Colts will now play Curtin Uni Wesley from 10:40am at Morris Buzzacott Reserve in the preliminary final.


Uni 14.6 (90) defeated North Beach 5.6 (36)

The Pirates have secured their spot in a Grand Final for a second year running with a well-deserved 54 point win over North Beach.

It was a week of chaos in D1 WAAFL with North Fremantle disallowed to play in the final for playing unqualified players, which resultingly led to us playing North Beach. In the lead up to the game it was emphasised not to get complacent against Beach as they would be playing with a ‘nothing to lose attitude’.

The game started off well for the Pirates with chances coming regularly and the pressure immediately placing Beach on the back foot. A late goal to Beach kept them within 2 goals, but it was Uni with ascendency, just not taking their chances. The second quarter became a dominant display by a far more dangerous Uni side kicking 5 goals to 0 in the quarter with Jibba taking control in the forward line, Dykesy winning it out middle and Gaz and Timmy O stifling their direct opponents in the backline.

Half time almost came at the wrong time for the Pirates, well on top and beginning to break away from their Beach counterparts. The break took away some of our momentum and to their credit Beach came out strong in the third quarter kicking 3 goals to our 1. However, it was highlighted at the break that was their final punch and we would run over the top of them.

A first goal for Beach in the final quarter provided them with some energy but it then became the ‘Josh Hopkinson show’ up forward. Hoppo, who was told he’d be playing forward earlier this week for the first time all season, put in a performance akin to Stuart Dew in the 2008 GF. Hoppo took over the game kicking 3 in the final quarter to secure the Pirates GF berth.

Commiserations to the Ressies who have been outstanding led by Weaps and Jim, you blokes are starting something special up there and I am sure that will carry into next season. To the A-Colts I am looking forward to you blokes responding in a big way this week. Finally, to Big Al, Braggy and the Dings & Richie, Toby and the C-Colts congratulations on making a GF, Super Saturday at Richard Guelfi Reserve is going to be a cracker.

The North Beach game was an outstanding showing by the Pirates, who after a slow back end of the season, have really started to find their feet in the last month. The challenge is now to respond against a well-drilled CBC side. A couple weeks ago we were beaten by CBC in a game where we had more scoring shots and thought we played some really good patches of footy. However, if we play like we did particularly in the second and fourth quarters against Beach we know we’ll give any team a serious run for their money and lift the Pirates mast for a second year running.


Goals – 4; Jibba, 3; Hoppo, 2; Con, 1; Chaps, Joe, Andy, Nightmare & Ricey

Votes – 5; Dykes, 4; Gaz & Franchise, 3; Timmy O & Jibba; 2; Rawlo & Hoppo; 1; Elliot, Bails & Chaps

BDO DINGOES (D1 Reserves)

University 6.7 (43) defeated CBC Fremantle 5.10 (40)

The Dingoes fought back after a sluggish start to claim a nail-biting preliminary final win and a spot in the Grand Final. Uni kept Curtin goalless in the second half in a gritty performance. Next up, the Dingoes face Curtin Wesley in the Grand Final from 12:10pm at Richard Guelfi Reserve, Stirling.


West Coast 0.5 (5) defeated by Uni 2.0 (12)

It wasn’t a shootout but the Uni Stormers did what was needed to claim an historic Women’s A-Grade title and celebrated well into the night. Congrats girls!

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