Match Report: Stormers Beaten In Women’s A-Grade GF

The Stormers played off in the GF against Curtin on Saturday. Curtin had the week off while we put West Coast away last Saturday.

The week of preparation went well with an unchanged team from the preliminary final, however, we were a bit banged up from the long campaign.

The first quarter stated well as we kicked the first goal with Chicago taking a strong contested mark, but Curtin almost immediately responded with a long range goal. They managed to kick a second in the quarter and we went into the second quarter behind.

The second quarter was played well, we held Curtin scoreless and managed one goal ourselves as Buzza soccered one from the goal square and we went into half time up by a point.

The third quarter was our worst, where we allowed them to kick two goals, with ours only coming from Jen when she was moved from half back to half forward due to her hand injury. She provided a real spark and kicked a great snap giving us great momentum into the last quarter, seven points down. Unfortunately we had the ball in our 50 for nearly the entire second half of the third quarter, but couldn’t convert.

The 4th quarter again started poorly as we conceded another goal, putting us 13 points behind. However, we rallied, kicked a point and then a goal from Buzza after a 50m penalty. With 2:45 remaining on the clock, we needed to kick another goal to tie the game up, we had the run of play, with LiLi running riot and Nikko taking a couple hangers, but we left our run too late, another minute may have delivered an interesting outcome as Curtin were out on their feet. The one disappointing observation was that the intensity in that last 2:45 we showed was incredible…Curtin was unable to cope, and a few more minutes playing like that could’ve made a material difference.

In reflection we were under a lot of pressure, but our ability to find a goal when needed was really encouraging. They managed to kick all of their goals on the run and a few from distance which hurt us. It was a case of all played well, but we lost it on a few keys plays, but if we won, you would’ve said the same of Curtin – one of those games where both teams would’ve deserved the win depending on how the ball bounced.

Curtin Uni Wesley 5.2.32 def Uni 4.2.26

Congrats to all involved, it was a cracking game and the feedback I’ve heard from people that made it their first game of women’s PFL footy were very impressed, the last quarter had it all.

One thing is for sure, winning 14 games on the trot during the minor league is definitely not the best preparation for entering a finals series, so in a way we were our worst enemies, something to consider for next year.

Thanks to all of our volunteers and sponsors for helping provide an environment for our successful year.

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