Lower Stream Round 12 Match Reports

The Uni A-Stream and women’s sides enjoyed a bye over the weekend while the lower grades played away to Trinity Aquinas and North Fremantle with mixed success.



TAs 10.8.68 def Uni 5.4.34

The Pirates undefeated streak has come to an end at the hands of an excellent Trinity Aquinas side in difficult conditions on Saturday. The Pirate side has been significantly impacted over the uni break and Saturday proved no exception with a significant amount of turnover from the week prior. However, the ins we got were very exciting which included pirate premiership heroes from last year Simon Stewart and Isaac Weber. In addition, Matt Inman was playing his first game in a number of years after coming back from a significant leg injury.

With these inclusions, the coaches were happy with the side being put out on the park and emphasised the importance of avoiding complacency. The boys may have been slightly thrown off by the ‘Woj bomb’ delivered half an hour before bouncedown but none the less seemed up for the contest. However, from the first bounce TAs played a very physical brand of football with some extremely large hits in the first quarter. Ado Pearce took a monster whack going back with the flight in a courageous moment and the backs attempted to repel a TAs side that repeatedly entered forward 50. Despite the physicality and trying conditions it was not complacency holding uni break, rather a very skilled and clean Trinity Aquinas side who took a 13 point lead at quarter time.

The next two quarters proved much the same with the Pirates being down 15 at the half and 20 odd at the final break. Despite kicking the first goal of the final quarter and looking poised to kick the second it just never clicked for Uni. This was a TAs side that had dropped a couple back, but even still they were the better side on the day. Some great individual efforts from guys like Tommy Carmichael whose repeat efforts in the forward line and strong presentation gave us a genuine target up forward.

So the Pirates suffer their first defeat for the year and move into the bye before a grand final rematch against Fremantle CBC. The challenge for the boys will be to dust themselves off after a tough loss and show the rest of the competition the type of footy we have become accustomed to over the past couple years.


Goals – Tommy C (2); Diamo, Hoppo, Ricey (1)

Votes – Tommy C (5); Bails (4); Ado Pearce (3); Diamo & Hoppo (2); Hoady & Stewy (1)

BDO DINGOES (D1 Reserves)

TAs 2.4.16 def by Uni 9.17.71

No match report supplied


North Freo 4.2.26 def Uni 3.7.25

No match report supplied

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