Dingoes Win Remarkable Grand Final

The Uni Dingoes prevailed in an amazingly entertaining D1-Reserves Grand Final on Saturday afternoon.

BDO DINGOES (D1 Reserves)

University 7.9 (57) def Wesley Curtin 8.2 (56)

Holy SH!T. We travelled out to Richard Guelfi on super Saturday to play a pretty strong Wesley Curtin side. By pretty strong I mean a side that stacked there 4th grade side with 12 former A grade players and a guy that used to be on the eagles list. Their selfishness and blatant flag chasing had already cost their club a spot in the A grade competition but at least it would win them a flag right??? As you can see above, no no no no.

We had previously lost to them 3 times in the year and with the most recent result two weeks prior where we played one good quarter and lost by about 6 goals the boys had every right to feel a little anxious. However, the feeling was one of positivity and maybe took a bit of the pressure off with everyone knowing that they could only focus on the things that they could control. A pre-match speech by Catta, who was about to play in his 10th GF, was absolutely unreal telling the boys ‘it doesn’t matter how we got here all that matters is that we are here and we are ready.’

The game started very well coach braggs knew that the first quarter was extremely important for the confidence of the team if not for anything else. It was led by a midfield that decided to get the ball on at all cost down to the likes of mazzo (a mastermind move by mazzo himself). Our tackling pressure and voice showed everyone at the oval that we were up for the fight. A few efficient forward half entries by Wesley curtin and a BS free kick meant that we were down at quarter time 3 goals to 2. However, all that mattered was that we hadn’t been blown away and we were up for the fight. The 2nd quarter was very similar in feel, it was a seesawing affair with the WC full forward kicking a couple of tough shots right on the boundary. Mazzo got one in the quarter and then into Wesley Curtins ruckman face, the WCs ruckman reply ‘why are you even celebrating we are going to belt you.’  Oh boy what an idiot but this reflected the general arrogance of them.

The halftime message was simple as it was throughout the whole day keep doing what you were doing. We wanted to keep moving the ball forward and continue to bring the pressure. The feeling was that we were on top in the contest and around the ground despite trailing by two goals on the scoreboard.

The third quarter we did exactly that, we came out with a fierce determination and steely resolve. Led by OJ, who had one of the great quarters, and Jerk in the midfield we put extreme pressure on their backs. WCs full forward missed a simple shot due to Sarge getting real personal and brutal. A 50 metre penalty in our favour with a minute to go in the quarter, some quick movement by Eamonn led to a great big man goal from Tractor. We led by 4 points at ¾ time and Wesley curtin were rattled. The FF had a meltdown trying to punch everyone in his path which somehow led to our runner being yellow carded. The message at ¾ time was to stay focused, we knew this was our chance but we couldn’t get sucked into the big sooks trying to fight us.

The 4th quarter started as well as it could, I honestly cant remember much of it, its all a blur. Benny P slotted one from 45 to put us 13 points up and offers asked the WCs ruckman what he was saying. They got within one point with a minute to play but the boys held on they bloody held on. It was one of the great victories, against all odds. We had 7 more scoring shots them and really outplayed them. The attitude of Wesley Curtin that they couldn’t lose was a real cherry on top.

What a season and what a win. It goes so much deeper than the 22 that played on the day, the depth this year was as good as ive seen and im so proud of everyone attitude from those who played to those who played most of the year and missed out. Special thanks to Big Al who helped me make the tough decisions and helped heaps through out the season. Special thanks to roids and dogga who were on the magnets on the day and have helped a lot throughout the season. A shout out to 3s in particular Jakey Day and Ninkov the strength of the 3s helped us a fair bit with some of the players available for us absolute stars. And congrats on your premiership and congrats to the Gulls. The greatest day in the clubs history for the lower grades.

The next few days were as you can imagine were loose as all hell with everyone heading back to erks, shoutout for making yours available. Then led to one of the greatest vote counts of all time in poor old apples and TJs backyard. JESUS.

8 Bucks: OJ 4 votes: Jerk, Fido 3 votes: Mazzo, Rhett

Best off: Tractor & ShooootttttAAAAAA!!!!1


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