A-Grade Claims 1st Win Of 2020, Uni Wins 6 From 8

The Uni A Grade side recorded its first win for the season on Saturday with a hard-fought 32 point win against Kingsley at home, as the club enjoyed six wins out of eight games at the McG.


Steinepreis Uni 11.6 (72) def Kingsley 6.4 (40)

After consecutive sub-par performance in the opening two rounds, Uni’s intent was clear from the outset, showing great desperation in and around the contest. The midfield led the way with ruckman Hamish Murray and midfielders Dwayne Lake, Ben Harding and Chaz Flint taking control around the clearances and driving the footy into Uni’s front half in the early stages. Whilst Uni had the upper hand in most facets of the game, Kingsley’s counter-attacking style proved effective and it was the visitors that hit the scoreboard first, capitalising on Uni turnovers to kick the opening two majors. Uni’s efforts paid dividends late in the quarter, edging ahead of Kingsley at the first change.

Kingsley had the wind advantage in the second term but Uni’s immense pressure on the ball carrier continued. Despite the breeze, Uni’s collective efforts created a number of scoring opportunities at the Northern end with forwards Jarrad Stewart, Sean Trombetta and Tom Curtin proving a handful. Again, it was only on Uni turnovers that Kingsley looked dangerous and the visitors continued to keep themselves in the game on the back of taking their chances from limited supply. At the half time break, the teams were locked at 5 goals each despite Uni being in control of the contest for much of the half.

The premiership quarter was critical for Uni, kicking with the breeze for the final time in the tight tussle. Kingsley dug in and caused an arm wrestle for much of the term and Uni struggled to find avenues to goal to extend the lead. It wasn’t until late in the quarter that Uni regained the upper hand but once that happened, goals began to flow and 4 majors in quick succession blew the game apart leading into the final change. At 3 quarter time, Uni led by 4 goals.

Kingsley’s strong offence and ability to score from limited opportunity remained a threat going into the final term and Uni’s commitment around the source in the was going to be critical in securing the victory. Uni’s midfield delivered, showing the same level of desperation in the clinches that they displayed from the first bounce. Repeated forward 50 entries saw 2 more goals go Uni’s way, putting the result beyond doubt mid quarter. On the few occasions Kingsley did surge forward, the defence held up well, led by the inspiration Matt Goyder and rising star Ben Fitzgerald. The 2 goal to 1 quarter left the margin at 32 points in Uni’s favour when the final siren sounded.

Although the scoreboard didn’t swing in Uni’s favour until late in the third quarter, the home side held the ascendancy for the majority of the day. The intensity and commitment from the players was a vast improvement on rounds 1 and 2 and give Uni a much-needed boost of confidence with just 6 rounds to play in the shortened 2020 season. Next week, Uni faces a big test against in-form rivals Trinity Aquinas in a historic night game at McGillivray this Saturday night.

Goals: J Stewart 3, Trombetta 2, Curtin 2, Evans, Culloton, Donaldson, Harding.

Best: Lake, Harding, Goyder, Curtin, Fitzgerald, J Stewart, Hug, Smith, Murray.


4 Pines Uni Bulls 22.7 (139) def Kingsley 1.5 (11)

The Uni A Reserves put another big win on the board against a lowly ranked Kingsley. We played creative and daring football which is what we want to be doing everyweek. As a side we were also very accurate scoring 12.1 in the first half. Despite two big wins back to back, we are well aware of where we are at and that we have a big task ahead of us to get to the level of North Beach and some of the other teams above us on the ladder that are playing well. We look forward to the challenge.

Best: Wilkins, Ashford, Shackles, Kirk, Wilson, Howard, Williamson


Steinepreis Uni A-Colts 12.10 (82) def Kingsway 3.3 (21)

Uni managed their first win in the Phil Scott competition with a solid victory over Kingsley at home.

Quinn Donaldson, the third product of the Augusta Worm Farm, snagged an early goal to get the ball rolling. It was a hot contest in the first quarter, with Kinsgley managing 2 goals into a stiff breeze. After half time, the midfield, led by captain Ross Williams, started to get on top of the contest. Benefitting from the ruckwork of Angus Longmire, the mids gave the forwardline plenty of opportunities. The backline was rock solid, with Will Lowson marshalling the troops and James Daw rebounding strongly. A highlight of the day was the efforts of debutant Danny Walker, whose work rate and second efforts set the tone for the side. All in all it was a promising effort from a young and inexperienced Uni side, and one which we can look to build on as the season unfolds.

Best: Messina, Williams, Donaldson, King, Daw, Lowson, Fraser, Kirk, Walker

Goals: 3 Donaldson 2 Glynn, Messina 1 Longimre, Thew, Walker, Just, Logan


Crossing Lawyers Uni Stormers 6.6 (42) def Rossmoyne 0.1 (1)

No match report supplied


Brewhub Uni Pirates 14.15 (99) def Mt Lawley 2.5 (17)

The Pirates have continued their winning ways in season 2020 and head into the bye undefeated after a strong 82 point victory against the up and coming Mt Lawley Hawks.

The selection table threw up a couple curveballs this week. First and foremost, the return of 2017 Premiership hero JJ, who to everyone’s shock has been a frequent trainer over the past few weeks. This shock is encapsulated with this writer informing Coach Day about his attendance, much to his bemusement about the frequency of JJ’s attendance. The Pirates also had solid defender Big O come into the side for his first Pirates game and familiar faces such as Apples, Coxxy, Lou Mac and Menzies returning into the side. Vandersalso made his return after a two week lay-off.

The week was based on the emergence of the growing powerhouse that is the Hawks, with Coach Day stating that this was a better side than what we had faced before and were younger than previous teams. This message rang through the changerooms pre-game with the boys excited for the contest.

The Hawks had the breeze to start off the game and came out the more energetic of the sides. However, the difference between the sides showed later in the quarter with the boys lively half-forward line proving a handful. Unfortunately early Coxxy had a case of friendly fire, receiving a decent whack from ruckman Menzie. On a more positive note, Chappy still hasn’t been tackled in season 2020 and J-Mac was getting himself into dangerous positions consistently. The Pirates lead was a couple goals at the first break.

Kicking with the breeze in the second quarter, the canyon between the sides began to be reflected on the scoreboard with the midfield group led ably by Menzies in the ruck and Chooka around the ground proving too difficult for the younger Hawks side. In other areas, Garstone once again proved dangerous up forward kicking 2 in the first half.

The second half played out similarly to the first, a tough third quarter kicking into the breeze and then kicking away in the last to give the Pirates a comfortable victory in the end. J-Mac proved particularly dangerous in the second half kicking 3 and just dictating terms on the half-forward line. Chappy, once again, just proved too quick and too strong for any of the Hawks. 

It was pleasing to see the guys win and win handsomely, whereas in previous years we may not have been as ruthless. The returning Lou and Vanders were both great additions to the side – Lou with his overall direction on the half back line and Vanders just throwing opposition players around like rag dolls and using his skills beautifully across the ground.

Following the game, the boys indulged in a succulent Chinese meal, with a few other premiership heroes making an appearance at Billy Lees including the Cannon himself and two time Pirate premier Sarge.

Overall, the Pirates have had a perfect start to the season, sitting on top with a healthy percentage. We go into a bye next week and return with a difficult run home. Post-bye we visit the shoe box against TAs and then host North Beach which will provide a fair indication of where the side is at. However, if we keep playing the way we have been I think its fair to say the boys will be more than up to the challenge.


Votes – Chaps (5), J-Mac (4), Vanders and Menzies (3), Bomber & Chooka (2), Bando, Lou and Sam (1)

Goals – J-Mac (4), Sam & Bomber (2), Chaps, Chooka, Egg, JJ, Rat…, Vanders (1)


BDO Uni Dingoes 10.14 (74) def Mt Lawley 1.0 (6)

No match report supplied


Uni C-Gulls 4.7 (31) def by Swan Athletic 9.9 (63)

No match report supplied


Steinepreis Uni Peacocks 1.3 (9) def by Curtin Uni Wesley 1.4 (10)

No match report supplied

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